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This website is intended to provide you with general information regarding the activities, expertise and services of the law firm Ady Kaplan & Co. Law Office ("the firm", "we", "us", "Ady Kaplan & Co.") and our lawyers. We will also add articles and blogs from time-to-time on subjects that are related to the services that we provide, may provide you with the opportunity to download brochures, guides and similar materials and we may also offer you the opportunity to register for and receive newsletters. Please note that none of the information contained on this website or any other material that you may receive via this website may be considered to be legal advice and you may not rely on any of the information as if it were legal advice. If you require legal advice related to any of the information contained on or received through the website, then please contact us via the contact form, phone numbers or emails contained on the website and we will be happy to discuss the legal services that you require.

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