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Adv. Gonen Cohen, Senior Partner

Gonen Cohen, Adv. Is a partner at Ady Kaplan & Co.

In 2004, Mr. Cohen founded Gonen Cohen, law office, which accompanied, for years, different corporations, kibbutzs and cooperative Israeli settlements, throughout the whole country. On January 2016, Mr. Cohen merged his office with Ady Kaplan & Co.’s activity, and brought with him vast knowledge and experience in different and various fields.

Gonen Cohen, Adv. specializes in commercial law, litigation, real estate law and cooperative societies law.

In the framework of commercial law- Gonen provides a close and continuous accompanying to different corporations, including making contracts in different and various fields, inter alia,  accompanying complex commercial business transactions, mergers, founding agreements, distribution agreements, partnership agreements, investment agreements and selling agreements.

In the framework of real estate law – Gonen provides counseling and accompanying complex communications in the field of real estate, specializing in the agricultural and settlements sector, including infrastructure ventures, cellular, consultation in the field of planning and construction, resolutions of the Israel land authority, and legal accompanying of construction in Kibbutzs.

In the framework of litigation – Gonen has a large number of years of experience in managing legal procedures in courts and managing arbitration procedures on different kinds of matters.

Cooperative Societies – Gonen specializes in cooperative societies law and in the agricultural sector, including giving a continuous legal counseling to the Kibbutzs’ different corporations (both in business and in community), changing procedures in the kibbutz, attribution procedures (capital attribution and apartment attribution), acceptance procedure and demographic growth.      

Practice Areas

  • Civil and Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Contract Law
  • Cooperative Societies
  • Real Estate
  • Planning and construction
  • Israel Land Authority
  • Litigation
  • Kibutz Industries

LL.B, Tel-Aviv University

Admitted to Practice
Israel Bar Association, 1995