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Adv. David Gilat, Partner

David Gilat, Adv. is a partner at Ady Kaplan & Co.

David provides various legal services since 1978 to a large number of entities, including corporations, Kibbutzs, cooperative Israeli settlements, public entities and the largest municipalities in Israel.

The legal services provided by David include complex litigation which colludes with every relevant branch of law, a continuous legal counseling, making contracts, etc.

Adv. David Gilat has a long time experience in the courtrooms on civil-commercial cases. Adv. Gilat represents clients during their continuous operations, both providing legal counseling and negotiating, and making contracts in various fields and in a variety of legal aspects, particularly in the fields of contracts, corporations, real estate, planning and construction, founding corporations and partnerships, joint transactions between business entities, including joint ventures, real estate transactions, including purchasing and selling real estate (structures, real estate lands and agricultural lands), rent and leasing agreements, founding factories manufactures and marketing and distribution systems, agencies agreements, etc.

Adv. Gilat specializes in the cooperative societies field, with many years of experience in all relevant fields to the land settlement, the community field and the business field.

In the last decade, serves Adv. Gilat as a mediator and as an arbitrator in cases of large financial extent, with complicated facts and complex legal work. Moreover, as of 2002, Adv. Gilat is included in the respected list of mediators of the courts-management, and serves as a mediator in hundreds of cases through the program of “Increasing the use of mediation in the courts”.

Practice Areas

  • Mediations and Arbitrations
  • Cooperative societies
  • Real Estate
  • Planning and Construction
  • Commercial Law
  • Litigation
  • Corporations

LL.B, Tel Aviv University

Admitted to Practice
Israel Bar Association, 1978