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Founded in 1970, Ady Kaplan & Co. has become one of Israel's most well established and respected boutique business law firms.  The firm serves an impressive roster of Israeli and international businesses, many of whom have used the firm for decades.  The firm prides itself on its team of highly dedicated professionals, each of whom is intent on providing the firm's clients with the best and most practical business oriented legal advice. Read more.

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Yehuda Amon, CEO North East Technologies Ltd.

North East Technologies LTD is an International marketing group specializes in the fields of defense and HLS products worldwide. As a company extensively involved in these unique fields of activities, we very much appreciate the cooperation with Ady Kaplan & Co. I have personally known Mr. Gil Rosen for many years. Mr. Rosen is very knowledgeable and thorough in his work. He is an expert in the areas of defense and homeland security matters. He is also significantly assisting NET’s team with all outstanding matters concerning regulation and compliance as well as he is very efficient in constructing commercial agreements. We are very pleased with our teamwork with Ady Kaplan & Co. and hope to continue our constructive collaboration in the future.

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Assaf Shimron - CFO Meprolight (1990) Ltd.

Ady Kaplan & Co. advises Meprolight in connection with U.S. export controls. We are an Israeli manufacturer of electro optics systems and products for military and civilian markets. This is a highly regulated industry and we often purchase parts and components from the U.S. that have re-export and use limitations. Gil Rosen provides us with clear and practical advice. Gil Rosen is a lawyer that is more concerned with helping us find viable solutions rather than simply telling us what cannot be done. He provides a very professional service and I am pleased to recommend him and Ady Kaplan & Co. 

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Boaz Tal General Counsel and Vice President - Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd.

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd. uses Ady Kaplan & Co. mostly for advice on U.S. export control laws and occassionally for defense related commercial work. We have enjoyed a very good relationship with Gil Rosen for a number of years. He is smart, responsive, works quickly and efficiently and provides practical solutions to tricky hurdles. We are happy to recommend Ady Kaplan & Co. 

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Ori Ben Dayan, Purchasing Manager, Altman Health GP

Altman Health personnel find themselves in contact on a daily basis with businesses in Israel and around the world on diverse matters such as R&D, manufacturing, distribution of products and receipt of services. The task of producing the right documents for the business, taking into consideration the myriad of complexities and the number of our partners can be complicated and take up a great deal of time. 

In Ady Kaplan & Co. we receive a professional legal service that is fast, with a deep understanding of our business requirements and field of activities. Whether by emails, telephone conferences or face-to-face meetings, the professionalism and guidance on the legal issues helps us every day to succeed in the tasks put before us. 




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Yakir Kushlin, VP Business Development - Hanita Lenses

We find our work with Ady Kaplan & Co. to be professional, efficient, fast responsive and very committed and professional.

As a company in the field of the medical ophthalmic implants with worldwide business coverage we find ourselves dealing with numerous business opportunities which require support in various arenas, with the diligent attorneys at Kaplan we feel in safe hands.

Why us

  • Since the firm's establishment, we have earned an outstanding reputation through hard work, deep legal and business knowledge and proven results.
  • The entire office works together as a single team, determined to provide every client with the full spectrum of our expertise and ensuring that every angle is always covered.
  • We are constantly looking to innovate and improve the services we provide and the way that we provide them.
  • We are always happy to receive feedback from our clients and will always work to shaping our services to your specific requirements.  
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